Exciting education news for Agincourt 600

Agincourt 600 and the Historical Association
To commemorate the 600 anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt the Historical Association is embarking on a number of exciting projects.
Funded by Agincourt 600 the charity created to ensure that the battle is remembered this October the HA will deliver a far reaching and exciting programme of educational activities. There will be a training programme for teachers who wish to develop in depth knowledge of the 100 Years’ War and Agincourt’s place in that history. The specialist teachers will then produce educational resources for other teachers to use to tackle the subject and incorporate it into their teaching.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to develop teacher expertise and resources about a period that is on the curriculum but not usually studied in depth. By supporting teachers in this way we will be able to ensure that Agincourt 600 has a legacy in schools.” Rebecca Sullivan, CEO the Historical Association

The bulk of the programme will be for schools from primary through to aged 18 years. Primary children will be invited to explore Agincourt through approaches to local history. Key Stage 3 pupils will be invited to design and curate an exhibition in their local area about Agincourt and the 100 years war. Pupils over 14 years of age will be able to enter into the Agincourt Tournament – a battle of words and argument.

“This is an important opportunity to work with a younger generation to embed an understanding of Agincourt and its significance while inspiring them to think of the wider arguments and issues of history.” Anne Curry, Chair of Trustees Agincourt600 Trust

More information on all of these exciting educational projects will be announced as they develop.
To find out more contact the Historical Association enquiries@history.org.uk
Telephone: 0300 100 0223
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