Agincourt Places

Learn about places associated with the Battle of Agincourt.


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Groombridge and The Waller Augmentation

By Simon Leach Juliet Barker in her book Agincourt gives several examples of knights who augmented their coats of arms to commemorate having taken part in the battle. One of these was Richard Waller of Groombridge in Kent where there is still a local legend that Charles d’Orléans, having been captured at Agincourt, was held for ransom and that this was so beneficial to Sir Richard that he was able to rebuild his house at Groombridge Place and contribute to the repairs at Speldhurst Church.  This story is celebrated in...
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Portchester Castle, Hampshire

By Stephen Cooper The outer walls of Portchester Castle date from the late 3rd century, when the Roman province of Britannia came under attack from Saxon raiders. The Romans responded by building several large forts along ‘the Saxon Shore’. A much smaller castle was built within the Roman walls in medieval times. The keep probably dates from the late 12th century, while the palace in the inner bailey was built in the late 1390s for Richard II (1377-99). In the summer of 1415, Henry V stayed at Portchester Castle (amongst...
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Norwich, Norfolk

By Dan Spencer In the fifteenth century Norwich was one of the largest and wealthiest cities in England. By the end of the century its population was to grow to as many as 12,000 people, thereby supplanting York’s position as the second most populous city in the kingdom. Norwich’s wealth was based upon its manufacture and export of cloth to the continent. This meant that the city was expected to make a significant contribution to the 1415 expedition. Norwich, and the county of Norfolk as a whole, was expected to...
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Salisbury, Wiltshire

By Dan Spencer In the fifteenth century Salisbury was a wealthy and populous city due to its manufacture of cloth. In the late fourteen century its population may have been as high as 4,800 people. We are fortunate that records of its city government survive for the period. These provide interesting examples of how the campaign of 1415 might impact on an English city. The king’s expedition to France was a costly undertaking and wealthy places like Salisbury were asked to contribute loans in order to make it possible. This...
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