Agincourt 600: The Charity

In the March 2015 budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced that £1m would be allocated for commemoration of the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, to be spent by 31 March 2016. 







The Objects of the Charity 

The advancement of the arts, culture and heritage of the United Kingdom

  • In the year 2015, the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt commemorated both sides of those who fought in this battle;
  • Organise public events to explore the battle in its context and draw attention to its iconic place in British history;
  • These events, open to the public, will include a service of commemoration, exhibitions, academic conferences, a concert of French and English 15th century music, a one man show, a guided walk in the City of London and fund-raising events;
  • Publish guides that explain the artefacts relating to the battle for use by the general public;
  • Organise the planting of “Agincourt Oak Trees” across the country to produce stands and woods of these trees;
  • Work towards closer ties with the countries that now represent the main combatants, namely France, Belgium, Luxemburg and the United Kingdom.¬†

The advancement of education

  • ¬†Promote, sustain and increase individual and collective knowledge and understanding of the battle of Agincourt and the Hundred Years’ War;
  • Organise public events such as lectures, conferences and guided tours that link the battle with modern British life;
  • Add to the collective knowledge of the period through support of postgraduate research;
  • Develop the individual capabilities, competences, skills and understanding of those involved in research and curatorial activities relevant to the battle.


The advancement of the amateur sport of archery and fencing for the disabled

  • Support appropriate courses in archery and fencing for the disabled;
  • Contribute to the costs of these courses and the attendance at them by individuals;
  • Develop the individual capabilities, competences and skills of those involved in these courses


Founding Trustees

Sir Anthony Baldry MP

Professor Anne Curry

Wesley Paul
Dr Sinclair
Rogers JP, Ketton House

Robin Tutty


The Address of the Charity

The Middle Tower,
HM Tower of London,
London EC3N 4AB

Proposed Fund-Raising Activities and Expected Income

  • ¬†The prime movers of the charity are the Agincourt 600 Committee and the ‚Äúwarrior‚ÄĚ livery companies in the City of London. These are: Armourers and Brasiers, Bowyers, Cutlers, Fletchers and the Gunmakers.
  • ¬†The Agincourt 600 Charity has received grants from the Arms and Armour Heritage Trust and the Sir Donald Gosling Foundation.
  • ¬†Livery companies will be asked for funding for the funds required for this charity. Each individual livery company will receive a carefully prepared and individual letter with the full details of the plans for the charity.
  • ¬†There has been a series of positive offers made by livery companies and by individuals to contribute to the charity when it is set up.
  • ¬†The events such as the commemoration service in Westminster Abbey and the concert will also raise funds for the charity.